Thursday, 7 February 2008

Crazy about cake!

I have been lazy about posting some of things I have actually remembered to photograph. I am not sure why but when going back through my photos I found cupcakes and a birthday cake I never got round to putting on my site.

These are my halloween cupcakes:

These are birthday cupcakes for the Fantastic Mr Fred:

And this is Fantastic Mr Fred's birthday cake (you have to have both!):

Please forgive the crappy photos the last two were taken in my car on the way into work!

The cupcakes and the birthday cake are all chocolate - everyone's favourite at work - frosted with either white chocolate cream cheese frosting, chocolate buttercream or vanilla buttercream. I am a creature of habit and for all these used Magnolia Bakery's devils food cake, I love the real chocolate in the batter rather than cocoa which I find a little insipid on its own.

If you want recipes please do leave a comment & I will get back to you....


Jenny said...

I have been craving cupcakes all day already!!! I think this is what I'll have to make for my student workers for V-Day.

kellypea said...

Hilarious! I have lots of photos of food I haven't posted either, and usually can't find the recipe when I do want to post. Jeez. But NONE of my food is as cute as yours. I love those faces on those cupcakes and that dot cake. Fabulous!